… and Relax

I love the southern coast of Tenerife… we’ve been coming here on a yearly basis with my husband’s family and it’s one of my favorite times of year to just chill.  It’s a great time for both Damian and to focus on our side projects and just relax.  When we are here, everything just aligns and we kill at productivity.  We get a self catered apartment each year in Gold del Sur right on the ocean front- we sunbathe, swim, have a sauna, write, draw and work on our sites- we don’t tend to go out much; just enjoy having the time to do what we want to do.  It’s an aspiration of ours to be able to take control of our time like this and just enjoy it, free from the normal stresses and become digital nomads.



Hopping to it… through gritted teeth

I’m at that place… where I can only assume most other artists arrive, where you fantasize about being really good at something but are at the point where everything you put out is cack.  Knowing fine well that you have to push through it because… you know… perseverance…

Last year, I was leaning further away from painting and decided to take a sabbatical; we packed up all of the art supplies in our second bedroom where my home studio was and moved it all out.  We also did this so that we’d have a more focused place for Damian to concentrate on his writing.

We’ve been throwing the the idea around of making a graphic novel of the series since it’s conception and illustrating it ourselves. When talking about putting together a graphic novel, figurative work and composition are two necessary skills; neither of which I have.  I threw myself in to researching how to get started with illustrating and self publishing a graphic novel; I got to the point where everyday, after working a day job, I’d focus on drawing.  I’m my own worst critic and not in a constructive way… and so after a few weeks my motivation fizzled.

As Damian is nearing completion of Book 2, I’ve created  similar cover to Pyre of Dreams but am in two minds about a full re-design- because we are still in the early days of the series, I think now would be the time to do it if we decide to do it at well.  Although we are happy with the current cover design, we aren’t sure it’s genre appropriate.  I’ve ben in contact with a couple of concept artists we both really like the work of to see if they’d be interested/ available to do the cover art; both of which came back registering their interest.  After discussions, Damian still wants me to illustrate the covers.

We are on holiday with family now and it is easy to commit to something like this when you have full days ahead of you with nothing to do; nonetheless I am setting myself a goal to give it 100.  100 consecutive days of drawing.  I’ve also made a decision to do it digitally and for better or worse to publish the drawings here for CC should any reader feel that way inclined.

After doing a cursory search, I came across these two form threads on ConceptArt.org and I’ll have a look at putting my own schedule together and publish here in the coming weeks.



As we are on holiday, I don’t have my Wacom tablet with me, but my mother in law has a Surface Pro which I started using yesterday and downloaded the free version of AutoDesk Sketchbook- it’s the most intuitive program I’ve come across since using ProCreate on the iPad and think SketchBook along with Photoshop (when I get back home) will be the two programs I’ll use going forward.

Thanks for reading!